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"My recreational drug use had turned into a full-blown addiction. It was only through the support of that I was able to kick the habit and get my life back. Their non-judgmental approach really made all the difference. Thank you!"

"After losing my job I thought I would never be able to keep going. It hurt my pride and my self-confidence, I was about to give up. 's economic assistance classes helped me find temporary resources to meet my monthly bills. They were also instrumental in finding employment agencies. I am now working again, thanks to ."

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5th Sunday Union 3-31-2024 at Collins Chapel,504 Belview Road,Robbins, North Carolina 


First Session Business Meeting on March 23, 2024,at Green Lake Congregation Church at 09:00am to

12:00pm at 4927 Pekin Road, Candor NC


WorkShop, 05-18-2024  at Mary Grove Congregation Church, at 3863 Mary's Grove Church Road,

Mabane NC  



Fifth Sunday Union,June 30 ,2024 at Collins Chapel Congregational Church, 504 Belview Road, Robbins, NC, Sunday School start at 09:45am Morning Service start at 11:00am 

















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