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Our weekly email training continues…in our last session conducted on February 4, 2019 we introduced the Calendar function  which allows input of all those date-centric events you have to manage or attend. Maintaining them here also serves as a convenient reminder positioned in a central location.  Look at it as a partial pay-back for your having volunteered to become an IT Representative.  The more you use it, the more you will appreciate its value. 


The other accompanying feature explored was the Task function where you commit necessary actions to digits and say when they are expected to be accomplished.  Note that they modify their appearances to help remind you of the commitment,  another bonus for your having volunteered.  Thank you very much.


No doubt, you will discover many ways these features can be used that we've not yet thought of (pardon the prep here).  Just make a note and bring them to class so we all can benefit.


Again, our next session will include a few minor workshop exercises involving sending emails to fellow participants before class. Exercise requirements will be sent to your church email addresses. These can be accomplished in less than 10 minutes.


Class convenes on Mondays at 8:30 pm. Our tele-conference phone number is {605) 475-4882. A code is required to gain entry to participate. Please call Elder Carter or Ron Bowks if you have forgotten code access information.


Our practice of reviewing previous lessons prior to introuducing the new topic will continue as we work to ensure as much as possible that everyone is grasping everything available in this tremendously valuable product.  Do not be concerned about not participating in previous sessions.  Our review process at the beginning is geared to catch everyone up.


Continuing lesson plans will include:


Task Lists - Managing To Do's, Reminders

Calendar - Setting & Clearing Appointments

Drafts - Editing, Revising, Converting drafts to Sent mail

Spam - View, Clear, or Delete spam

Folders - Indexing, Organizing you work

Archive - Saving valuable communications

Creating Signatures - Not having to sign each individual email

Distribution Lists - Enables sending messages en masse (by the group)

Address Books - Allows for physical address input, plus additional info


Of course, you are quite welcome to sign in and practice between sessions.  Should any questions develop during these sessions, please call for immediate help.



Thanks much to all and may God bless,


Elder Carter
Ron Bowks

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NCCCC Congregation 1&1 Email Lessons


Following is a listing of the sessions covered to date and the sessions upcoming in the email training.  This is simply a guideline so that any participant or prospective participant can navigate through the essential elements in handling the creation and receipt of their church’s emails.  Hopefully this is sufficient so as to allow an individual to review where necessary, or to proceed through the necessary elements at one’s own pace in gaining knowledge of the email product.


                        Establish Web bookmark – build in browser for quick navigation

                                Establish email Portal bookmark -- similarly, for quick navigation

                                Build Distribution List -- from sent email text list ( see in-box)

                                Address Book – definition, purpose

                                Distribution List vs. Address Book -- compare & contrast

                                Inbox – managing received email

                                Compose -- preparing email for sending

                                Icons -- definitions, managing these helpful, miniature symbols

  • left direction arrow – reply to sender
  • double left direction arrow – reply to all
  • right directed arrow – forward (to whom designated)
  • trash can – delete email specified
  • slashed circle – mark as spam
  • ribbon – set color
  • file box – archive email (for future use)
  • magnifying glass – short cut in navigation
  • triple stacked dashes – more actions (right click to see)


Tasks -- formulate your todo lists

Signatures – generates your name, ph num, email, etc at ‘Compose’

Calendar – post, manage upcoming events

Portal – Elements of your entire email account at a glance, inbox, appts, tasks, etc.


Happy navigating!

        UPCOMING Event 


Fifth Sunday Union,June 30 ,2024 at Collins Chapel Congregational Church, 504 Belview Road, Robbins, NC, Sunday School start at 10:00am Morning Service start at 11:00am


66th 2th Session Business Meeting 0n 07-26-2024,at 09:45am at Mary Grove Congregational Church -3836 Mary's Grove Church Rd,Mabane North Carolina 27302


117th Series of Workshop.on 08-17-2024-0900am, at Patillo Church ,Burlington North Carolina 27217 


5th Sunday Union,0n 09-29-2024,at 10:00am Mary Grove Congregational Church,3836 Mary Grove Church Rd,

Mebane, North Carolina 27302.


Women's 13th Annual Women's Retreat, Fri,25 2024-Sat,26-2024, the Landmark Resort,Myrtle Beach,South Carolina,


118th Series Workshop on Sat-11-16-2024 at 09:00am, at Tempting Congregational Church,398 Tempting Congregation Rd,Sanford North Carolina 27330


5th Sunday Union ,on 12-29-2024 10:00am at Tempting Congregational

Church,398 Tempting Cgurch Rd,Sanford North Carolina 27330







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