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We are born again believers who stand for an open Bible in the fullest sense, a Bible that's opened in our churches, in our homes, in our schools, opened to be read in our own language with all the insight that reverent study, prayerful meditation, and Christian living can bring to bear upon it.


We believe the Holy Bible contains rich spiritual guidance for every person and every family, and that devotional reading and study in the scripture in the home will foster inner unity and outer strength.


It is our conviction that the word of God which is to be found in the Holy Bible will inspire and direct the Church and will yield fresh light and truth for each new age.


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5th Sunday Union


Janurary 31,2022 at 10:45am 5th Sunday Union at Mary Grove Congrgational Church,3863 Mary Grove Congregational Church Rd,Mebane NC



All Workshop are cancel until 2022

































































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