Background Summary of the North Carolina Conference of Congregational Churches, Inc.



The North Carolina Conference of Congregational Churches, Inc. is a fellowship of churches. Each church governs by itself and has its own autonomy. The churches are able to choose their own ministers.  The conference started in 1879. They grew in number and later many churches decided to depart in 1957.


The remaining churches decided to advance and met in March 1st Day Session, which was formerly called the Middle-District Association, which convenes on the fourth Saturday and the Annual Conference convenes on the fourth Friday and Saturday.


They organized the Fifth Sunday Union Meeting which is held on the fifth Sunday quarterly from the rotation list of churches.  The churches are benefitted spiritually in fellowship and financially.


Other functions of the conference include the Sunday School Convention, the Conference Workshop, Youth Day, Women’s Retreat, and Men’s Retreat. Churches are not obligated to attend these functions.


The North Carolina Conference of Congregational Churches, Inc. is affiliated with the National Association of Congregational Christian Churches.  The central office location is in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. We have two churches that are full members of the National Association.  The National Association provides our churches with materials of information as a source for us to share in world missions.           


        UPCOMING Event 


        ( Cancel )

5th Sunday Union 3-31-2024 at Collins Chapel,504 Belview Road,Robbins, North Carolina 


First Session Business Meeting on March 23, 2024,at Green Lake Congregation Church at 09:00am to

12:00pm at 4927 Pekin Road, Candor NC


WorkShop, 05-18-2024  at Mary Grove Congregation Church, at 3863 Mary's Grove Church Road,

Mabane NC  



Fifth Sunday Union,June 30 ,2024 at Collins Chapel Congregational Church, 504 Belview Road, Robbins, NC, Sunday School start at 09:45am Morning Service start at 11:00am 

















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