Credential Committe Minutes

February 6, 2021

NC Conference of Congregational Churches INC.



Credential Committee Meeting was held via Conference Call…time 10:00 a.m. The following people were present:

            Moderator – Rev. Larry Barrett

            Vice Moderator – Elder Charles Harrison

            Secretary – Loretta Maness

            Credential Committee Members:

                        Rev. Barry Palmer              Tempting Congregational Church             

                        Rev. Liston Brewington      Collins Chape Congregational Church

                        Deacon Melvin Dick           Wadeworth Congregational Church

                        Rev. Otto Burston              Wadeworth Congregational Church

            Church Representatives:

                        Deacon Terry Wyatt           Collins Chapel Congregational Church

                        Sister Mary Hayes             Union Grove Congregational Church

                        Sister Mary Dick                Wadeworth Congregational Church

                        Elder E.Julius Carter         Alston Grove Congregational Church



  • The Conference IT Department has set up email addresses through the IONOS Email Portal. Question was asked if the Conference needed to have a Training Session to help people with logging in to the Conference email Portal…Decided that the IT Department could send out direction packets to Officers in the Conference, along with Church Secretary’s, that have been given an email address, and if there were any questions the IT Department could be notified. This email communication will help with documents that are sent between Conference Officers. This will be a way of compiling conversations and documents for future reference. IT mentioned that email addresses have already been setup for each Conference Church. Email addresses have also been setup for Conference Officers as well.
  • Rev. Liston Brewington stated that the Conference needed to be moving forward and doing something. Discission was made that the Conference have virtual 5th Sunday Union Programs via Zoom. However, before this begins the Conference will feature a Program viz Zoom entitled “Coming Together Virtually.” This program has been set for Saturday March 27, 2021, time 6:00 p.m. Sister Mary Hayes will work up the Program for that date with the help of Rev. Beck.


Meeting closed with prayer by Rev. Barry Palmer.

Next meeting with the Credential Committee will be March 6, 2021 @ 10:00.


Moderator – Rev. Larry Barrett

Vice Moderator – Elder Charles Harrison

Secretary – Sister Loretta Maness




























        UPCOMING Event 


Fifth Sunday Union Demember 31

2023,at Green Lake Congregational Church, 4927 Pekin Road Candor,North Carolina.


Men Ministries Meeting on 01-06-2024 at  10.00am from 12:00pm at Tempting Congregational Church, 398 Tempting Church Road,Sanford NC,


Sunday School Convention on 01-20-2024 at Patillo Congregational Church,at 09:30am,4746 Patillo Church Road Burlington NC


First Session Business Meeting on March 30 2024,at Green Lake Congregation Church at 09:00am to

12:00pm at 4927 Pekin Road, Candor NC


Fifth Sunday Union, March 31,2024 at Collins Chapel Congregational Church, Sunday School start at 09:45am Morning Service start at 11:00am 
















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